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09 October 2010

dribs and drabs

Controlled burn day#2.

When I left the house, the smoke and ash were swirling all down the street. I got some interested looks as I climbed that hill swathed in a bandanna, like a workin' cowboy. Though, maybe it was on account of I had a musette full of velocache!

The smoke was not an issue on top.

Long time listeners will recall the diverse findings along that one trail, and how I'd seen similar the year before. Well, this was the day I had wits/time enough to go see what was what and now you see, too.
That effing does it. Next year I'm making sure this gets shut down by the cops. I'm all for _____________, but I am in no way now how down with this.

I kept riding and ended up in the Ord, under the banner of smoke and all. It was blowing East real good by then (how'd you like that, Salinas?).

All stretched out along the trail we'd been taking to seek them out, was another rattler. It's the same coloring as the underneath snake, so that's reason enough for me to emphatically say it's the same snake.
Of course I bumped it (gently!) with the front wheel. It immediately and without incident slithered into the underbrush,
but since it hadn't rattled I bumped it again (gently!) and it obliged with some booty shaking.

So, if you're riding to Freedom and beyond, watch out for snakes! They are fragile and awesome.

The burn continues...

And in a separate but better kind of burn, I used that one sage bundle to smudge Comanche's Grave and my bicycle. To remove any lingering angry ghosts which may have reason to haunt certain people. And on account of I'm a fucking shaman.

Send $12.50 now.

mmmmmmm. Looks like about 35miles.


Gunnar Berg said...

A woman drowned herself off the Great Heron dock three years ago. A very disturbing time. We burned sage and it has apparently worked, at least her soul seems to have been liberated from our shore. (Sorry, I realize this makes no sense at all to anyone but me.)

Johann Rissik said...

@Gunnar: Makes much sense.
@Righteous Richard: Only mildy disappointed you didn't swim in that pool.

macmorg said...

Wait, did you say you were fucking a shaman?

macmorg said...

My favourite "Incident" btw...