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23 October 2010

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Riding home from the Full Hunter's Moon feeling so fresh and thinking how great my form is (I will be peaking in 2 months) only to realize: running late at work, I got dropped off at the start via the race van so I only rode a half ride.

Of course I still felt fresh, duh.

...because my sweetie likes to watch this and laugh at me.


Lord Hayden said...

I was so wrecked / bonked at the end of that ride that I could barely grind up Alhambra St......which has a 1% grade and is only 3 blocks long. 6 hours biking / being outside without eating wasn't so smart, but the slow -> fast rear leak really killed me. Destruction of leftover pizza at 12:45 am commenced.

Little_Jewford said...

Well, since I was way closer to home I wasn't that F'd up....but I destroyed some left over pizza about midnight....not sure that was the smartest idea. Oh ya...but sat afternoon the wife was complaining that my pile from the previous night was stinky....maybe it was all the empties in the backpack...

reverend dick said...

After my ill advised (on any level) detour to Taco Bell (the only thing open at that hour)...I got the drive-thru denial.

I was hungry like the wolf when I got home.