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01 October 2010


As an aside, Lee Marvin is tougher than tough, rougher than rough.

2 quick rides in 2 quick days under the redwoods in Santa Cruz. Twisty singletrack up and down in a nice flowy loop? I'll take 2. The dried leaves on the trail right now make for some slippy situations, but as ___ said :"It's predictable." You know when you're sliding out and that is something I suppose. No pictures for you. On account of they don't allow pictures of bikes on those trails...

So. In light of my huffing and my puffing, I must say I am not seeing (yet) the benefits of my tattoo. Aren't I supposed to be imbued with some super power or something? At least the ability to suffer for hours in the Belgian type weather. Perhaps whatever horrible oversight it was that led to the inclusion of zero steel frames in the Merckx booth (uh huh, carbone only) is interfering with the flow. Maybe the redesigned M logo. I will continue to test this, as winter approaches.

Today was commute, then velocache! Go get some.


rigtenzin said...

What's that front rack on the bike in the lair?

reverend dick said...

I agree, it IS complete bullshii that there were no steel bikes ath the Merckx booth!

It is a Paul Components basket, and I must say: (due respect to Mr. Price and all) that basket blows. To be fair, it is the old version and the newer model has twice the thickness in the steerer mount, but I doubt it is a big improvement. I used a flat steel rack mount to give it a 4th contact point at the fork and it is still hella flexy.

The Gammoh basket looks to be a sturdier mass produced basket.

You should check out Rack'n'Roll on the sidebar there and look at Catfish's work. It's real nice.

Robert H said...

Did you just agree with yourself?

reverend dick said...

Someone should.