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06 October 2010

This is water.

These days I'm seeing a bunch of biker down words on the interwebs. People getting hurt sucks. I'm sorry that goes on.

What I'd want? I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! I want people to remember this, and attempt to act accordingly. I mean breathe in, take some time outs for the Common Good. Cycling is Good. Bikes are good.

I'd be riding regardless, even if it were actively bad for me, if you need the Truth. It's just that kind of party. Knock wood I'm done and holding, but I've been struck by cars 3 times so far. I ride accordingly. I assume you're all furiously texting instead of watching the shoulder much less the road itself, and that's taking as a given that you want to avoid hitting me with your vehicle (to say nothing of the beverage container in your sweaty paw), if only to spare your wax job.

So. Not the weight of Everything, but access to wonder. You know, if you're into that.

And, plus while riding today I got the secret handshake authorization at that one gate. No kidding. Supposedly the homeowner will be all chill with me breezing through to the trail. It will be so nice if it pans out. I'll let you know.

maybe my tattoo IS working! ladies, you're welcome.

Whew! You feeling it? I'm feeling it. A high level of stoke just to be riding streets and trails. So much quickness. What passes for it around here anyways; back roads and flowy singletrack and whatever it takes to join the 2. Which today was South Boundary out to 50 and then that loop through the Ord-QUIET! silence. OK, the wind is blowing. Trees whispering in the breeze. Maybe loudly conversing. A bird singing here, there a hawk shrieking as it folds wings in and plummets down then opening full span and soaring quickly back up to do it again. A used GU packet rests in it's natural environs (a trail), whence it has come from some racer too fast/important to put it in his pocket.

And that was before I stopped to look for that pesky #28.

Then it was homeward through Cside(!) to climb the hill through Veteran's and some more trails down the other side to COTSRHQ. What I'm increasingly considering my Local Loop. ~35miles. Pavement, dirt, radical.

Friends, if I should die while riding, I hope you will chain up a Ghost Bike and then ride off to your favorites. Or at least ride off.


Gunnar Berg said...

Thumbs up.

Freewheel said...

This is poetry

houvenagle said...

Good words.

reverend dick said...

That David Foster Wallace piece is FOR REAL. It sits in the back corner of my mind and pops out every now and again. It really is so effing hard to hold on to; this larger way of looking at the world.
This is water, this is water.

Robert H said...

Totally fucking jealous of the velocache business. We need to start one up this way.

Getting more dirt riding in these days. I blame you.

reverend dick said...

If you like our velocache, check the Boise scene (who we stole it from) and marvel at the scope. You should steal it, too- if you are any example, there's some kooks in your town.

Judi said...

where is that tattoo

li'l hateful said...

Amen, bike man.

reverend dick said...

LOL. The tattoo is right where you think it is.

Tom said...

Good sermon, Rev.

Kinda hurts to see Wallace dropping those hints.