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20 October 2010

It's pupating! It's forming a chrysalis!

I am trying to get my miles in. I got a subtle but bold tour planned for Halloween Weekend, and it will take some bites. Sneaky singletrack start is what I'm thinking...

Anyhoo. I had some work to do in Watsonville today, and to get my miles I rode there. Even if the plans to listen to bluegrass in Moss Landing had been scrapped last minute, arrangements have been made, miles must be ridden.

It's along a route I seldom take. The bike path North..

...where the winos gather. I laugh to myself whenever I see the unsuspecting tourists try to have a holiday there. It's very like attempting to enjoy a BBQ in a crowd of buzzards.

The Pacific Ocean. The birds were tracking the dolphins and sea lions to follow them to the fish on the surface. Lots of all of them.

I couldn't find my wool skivvies. I bought a couple pair and love them for riding around inna non racist style, mon. So much so that I cut off a couple pair of wool long underwear bottoms to make more. But they're all in the warsh. I can tell you today: cotton boxers are not kind on a ride of any length.


Turn around ride home. I left at dusk. It's getting dark quick these days. I took Elkhorn Slough both ways. I prefer it to HWY1. Especially at night.

The fog had not let up. I used this to my advantage a little South of Castroville (the Artichoke Capitol of the effing World!)...

~76 miles round trip. My butt hurts.

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Anonymous said...

I like this one, too:

Saw them in 1987 Halloween. The whole heroin carnival: Blixa, Kid Congo, Mick Harvey (PJ's bro) and Nick on stage with a chair and a bottle of Johnny Walker Red. Wow.