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31 August 2010

a whining tinkling hoochie coochie show

...with all that entails.

Cycles, cycles, life goes in cycles. I have been enjoying my recent tenure in the dirt and on the fixed cross bike. No thought, just work. Quiet is kept.

I blew through the seat of my pants. Nope, strictly from the friction of pedaling. My rivets sure are shiny.

Then, on Saturday, J____ J______ and I rode out to drink beers and poke rattlesnakes:

...but they have given up on the plywood sheet as a home, I guess. Dang. I finally had a camera.

That "stick" is the Snakecharmer 9000, and is pointing to the previous resting site of said snake.

While, in this photo and contrary to first impressions, the Snakecharmer 9000 is pointing to a subtly camouflaged second bicycle. Yes. There really are 2 bikes there.

I have been listening to 4 Too Short CDs my rotten brother sent me for several days now, and nothing but. It is affecting me.


Tom said...

I too just blew out a pair but did not subject them to the indignity of a "shocker."

Hemmed up some decent quality army dress pants (mostly wool) from Sally Ann and early testing indicates a new favourite.

Saw four snakes when I was out in the country the other day. Garters mind you, but a snake day is a good day.

Rain's coming on up here. Thanks for the teevee.

reverend dick said...

2 in the pink, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I believe you have mistaken the snake stick model, that would be the Snakecharmer 9000, not the Snakemaster 9000. And you are a liar, I found Waldo and a golden ticket, but no second bike.

reverend dick said...

my bad- fixed.