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16 August 2010

how simple

Hold on.

IF, say, there were a revisitation of the White Rim Overnight scheduled for October 22 and the Full Hunter Moon...well then, would anyone show?

This may or may not be in the works. The White Rim Trail Overnight has been a function of the July Full Thunder Moon, historically speaking. Started in 1998, this ridiculous ~110 mile bit of trailwork under the moon is the ride that caused this very congregation to rise from the trailside dust and begin it's fine tenure of shyster laden hucksterism. It has broken better riders than you and brought them so very, very low. Since the beginning, it has had a long and sordid tradition of bailouts and false starts. Every time it is attempted, it invariably becomes much more than at least one participant wanted.

If this goes forward, it will be (as per usual) supported with water caches at each campground and one fully stocked aid station at Murphy's Hogback. Last time I attended, the aid staion had thermarests, coolers full, food, whatever gear folks had arranged to have sagged, etc. We're talking luxe as you like. I wonder if we couldn't work out some kind of chef's meat catering action...

Cali people may want to carpool. I have a party van.

Anyhow, it's a thought.


Slappy said...

STompariLLaz will be there friday dusk droppin in mineral bottom on pugsleyZ

last time, no sag or drops or whatev but we'd get involved andale

reverend dick said...

It's a no go for this cowboy. Tell you what, just mix a little of that fine red pumice in with your chamois cream and it'll be just like I was there with you!