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05 August 2010

to hell with you if you think I made it up

What a day for the camera battery to be dead. J requested Brown Lunch in Fort Ord, so he could ride his "new singlespeed" 16" bike (it's a hand me down that "we" overhauled and repainted).

We're still hunting and pecking up a new mostly dirt route from the Parker Flats Cutoff entrance, and we're getting there. Saw a turkey and a coyote up close. He rallied so hard. He rode Mudhen Express and Blair Witch. 7ish miles? Good Times.

Then there's this from the Drunk Cyclist:

And in the God Hates ____________ category...

...which is an admittedly huge category. From photobomb, and especially relevant now that Prop 8 has been overturned and 2 people who love one another are getting another chance at saying I Do.

1 comment:

Jonny Hamachi said...

That kid raised the bar, and then bombed off it.

Maybe you should get J a suspension seat post.