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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

25 August 2010

Hey! Monterey...

My stupid, stupid mind...

...wait for it

I got tricked by the internets into thinking Mars was close. Closer than at any point in 3,000 years (not sure if that's to be until the next time, or from the last time, or somewhere in the middle of a giant extended astronomical bell curve of Mars-closeness) was what I...uh...told people. OK, OK, I just wanted a little snake oil to pour on my syrupy words of encouragement. It makes it go down so much smoother.

So the truth is out there, and so is Mars. It's not that close. But the moon is just past full, the weather's fine, and a bike ride is the thing.

Tonight. 8pm. Wino Beach. Get some.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Cause I'm a loser (loser).

Oh, and I'm going to Iceland.

reverend dick said...

lol. Keep bagging that sand, Hamachi. You got a busted leg, too? How's your father?