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11 August 2010

for years and more

Took the fixed cross bike out on dirt today.

It's been almost a year (!) since I took it apart to use it's Midge bar on another bike for SSWC09, and this bike has been languishing the while. This is due in part to it's c. 1995 XTR polished square taper non-drive crank having demolished threads and being part of the bike for the duration so to speak. Yeah yeah yeah, I could get a gear puller and have it offa there, but.

Anyhow, as cliched as it is; there's something magical about a fixed wheel. It's bad meaning good.


Fxdwhl said...

yup. been splitting time between the fix and gears lately; the fix still feels more right.

juancho said...

fixed? geared? Who cares just make those moneys dance! Dance monkeys dance!

Robert H said...

reverend dick said...

ziiing! I'm doing my dance over here ever day.


Thing is, as it occurs to me anew as I am fresh from months of coasting: there's nowhere to run to from the fixed wheel. Nowhere to hide. That's fine when I'm descending (like a drunken vervet on an exercise wheel)or on the rolling hills- but put a steep incline in my path and it's time to WORK. Effort from the soles of my feet to the top of my steamy red pate.
Work like that? Why, it's almost plain old fun.