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19 August 2010

you're just like all the others, only fancier

This summer has been super foggy for the central coast. It's an issue when selecting your proper riding wear.

Turn it up!!

I pedaled out this morning, under the fog, on the road. Foggy road. Foggy road. The road was so foggy.

Past the inland edge of the fog it was a sunny day! Then it was dirt up the hill from the bottom to the top. Getting up all that singletrack was some work. I tell you, it was silly to get to the log and have worked so much by that point.

I had a musette full of beers to hide in the woods. I like musettes a lot. When you are done sticking those eggses under a log somewheres, you can fold up the bag and stuff it in your pocket real clean-like.

A cross bike is a go anywhere bike, even with slicks. Pave sections are so pleasing, and the dirt is also your friend. A friend who will reach up and slap you every now and then. A True friend keeps you humble.

Looking Southwest back towards Monterey and that fog. I was ruing my wool selections at this point. Sweaty South Boundary to Laguna Seca ridgeline to 50, down and up.

BAM! I crawled up the bottom of Mudhen Express to this point. Look at those tires! 37mm Panaracer Paselas will hunt.

Pulled a warm Hamm's out from the under hang. Replaced with kindling/twigs. It's a Brown Lunch spot now, after all.

Took Machine Gun Flats and whichever#6_ it is back over to Bare Twitch, then crept Southwards to the Rattlesnakes Trail.

Alas alack, the board was only covering a cast off skin today. No rattlesnake proof, save a dried up shed skin. Of course I took that; it's full of power. Don't be surprised if it turns up when you least expect it.

Cside (who got my High Life empty in the mailbox?) and Veteran's to dirt home...only I flatted in Pebble and had to walk the remainder (~3miles) as my tube and patch kit had ejected from my saddlebag, with me all unknowing. No, I have not resolved my phone issues (being broke).

A Good Day.~35miles.