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12 August 2010

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Who's excited?

The boys walked to school today 100% parentally free. Day #2, and J says he'd rather it be just them. D says it's "funner" without me, and besides I "know [he] likes Mama a bit more" anyhow.

So there's that. All I got out of this was several hours to ride in the woods. Fixed again today. It goes in cycles, remember? Good times. My legs were sore at first but they shook out OK. More of the whole body give 'er, and you know I love that.

That's a solid wheel. 15g 4cross. Fixed/free.

After I got home, I switched bikes to go up pick the boys:

Also, is Dahon Japanese for "incredibly useful"?

I am very excited about this.
A dynamo hub powered battery charger? YES.

Upon further inspection, the High Gear Solarpod is a viable option as well...and you could take it whether or not your bike of the (sunny you hope) day had a dynamo hub. QBP distributes this, so your local bike shop can get it for sure.

These are Good Things to think about.

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Robert H said...

You can walk me to work if it makes you feel any better.

Watch out for the glass.