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01 September 2010

punch me in the face

Another fixed mixed terrain session.

skip to 1:20 if you're in a rush to get to it...

I have become such a delicate flower.

I'm lovely and all, but my optimum operating temperature range has narrowed to between 60* and 69*. It's this coastal zone. It's ruined me. Today saw a high of ~82* in Fort Ord. It was murderous. Just Africa hot. After the "summer" we've been not having, I felt every one of those degrees.

Still, with nothing but Parliament and Talking Heads (so good) in my ears, what a day! I love to ride bicycles. 35ish hottt miles.


Gunnar Berg said...

I am surprised. 82* would not be considered "Africa hot" in most locales.

reverend dick said...

Sweltering, mon frere. Like an oven.

Fxdwhl said...

a rock hard solider to the bone? ha!!! you should be riding a mixte so your skirt doesn't get snagged on that big mean horizontal top tube.

reverend dick said...

Lol. The kooks came out on this one. I'm telling's not the heat, it's the stupidity.

For real- anything over 70* is just much too hard on your constitution.

houvenagle said... might want to stay out of the Midwest during peak summer months. You're so called 'dry heat' does not exist here...we have 'I just pissed in your face like a demon' humidity heat indexes.