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05 September 2010

a warm, pestilential Evil


Velocache, bitches. Again, it's on like Donkey Kong. Get some!

I'll stop squawking about the weather in general, but I will say that this is a strange place for which to dress. The day was very temperate ( some would say scorchingly hot at ~80*) in town, but in Fort Ord the fog layer was so thick and so low that it was chilly and grey except where there were holes. The strange part is that you can feel the wrongness of it; you can feel the heat underlying the chill. The day knows it should be one thing, but it's forced to be another. It's weird.

Breaking out of the fog...and you can see Toro Park rising up in the background. It has just received a bonus 624acres! To my mind that means it is available to be reconnoitered.

I found these targets while looking at a potential cache site. They are for practicing to hunt the most dangerous game of all. I like how they appear to have been shot once each with a scatter gun.

I will return for them to hone my aim. BB guns may be used to hunt the most dangerous game of all.

You can juuuust see the "Impossible City" training ground for the CSUMB Police Academy, late of the FBI. It is for practicing to hunt the most dangerous game of all. The controlled burns (to ensure all uneploded ordinance is cleared for public safety) sure seem to have been used to make the approach sterile.

Here I see the tracks of...the most dangerous game of all.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Video links were world class. Funny, and yet all I could think about was how rad it would be to ride out there. Sorry I have been abscent.

reverend dick said...

Door's open to you and yours. Kid biking all over this place. Fancy architecture. Surf. A fine emergency room.

Robert H said...

That whale... oh my god, that whale...