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09 September 2010

you should occasionally

Sometimes a ride is just a ride.

Yesterday, a ride was sublime. I suppose I should be feeling strong at this time of year, but let's be honest about what passes for training around here and be happily thankful about some strength when it is there.

I drove to Santa Cruz solely to pedal. (I know it's not right. If I can't come clean to you people- well.) I parked my personal power plant, and unloaded the SS. I had a water bottle. I will not ride with a pack unless under duress. I wished I'd brought 2 bottles. Even 3. But I had 1.

I don't know about you, but I like to climb. I will happily climb for hours, joyfully hurting. It doesn't make sense, and I don't have the natural aptitude for it- but there it is.

Might as well suffer.

I pedaled up that dirt road for a while. I passed the "top of incline" in a bit of a personal haze and had to think about it to realize where I was on the climb. It felt so early to be there. A sign of good fitness things, and so- confusing. Everything is working right now (knock wood) for full body shoving on the pedals. There are several road climbs in my neck of the woods which match that climbing profile, but none in my current rotation of dirt (maybe Toro Park? It needs exploring...) In that manner, overlook reached and passed without stopping. The 2 ugly steeps following, I stood up and stomped on without stopping. Briefest of pauses at the top to don helmet/gloves and into the woods on Northernlumberjackdomesticporkcutlet, twisty singletrack. It's a much different flow than my local trails. My timing is waaaay off for that type of shimmying and it shows; fun, nevertheless. Segue to Upperswine, and thence to Swine and Deviousswine. All good. Back up the road to the Westsideoftheridge and down down down swoopy down.

Sometimes a ride is just a fucking Good Time.


Lord Hayden said...

pretty good climbing at Toro, and the local mtb club just put in some new singletrack coming down from the ridge. some day we could get stupid and ride cross bikes through Ord and up to Toro with a stop at the general store for re-ups.

Fxdwhl said...

climbing has a place in my heart too. so many just dread it and never find the enjoyment of the effort.

Robert H said...

We were in SF this weekend and all I could think about was "I wish I had a bike so I could climb this hill".

... I should have got a hold of you, I know.

reverend dick said...


Silk Hope said...

Next time I'm ready to blow a gasket doing a 1000 ft or so I will think of you fondly Rev.

msantos said...

that's worth the fuckin drive and beats that sandy ft ord shit. probably one of the nicer views of the monterey bay once it opens up on Westsideoftheridge (you know what i'm talkin about), also a great place for a safety meeting. i rode up eureka cnyn a few months ago and rode down that swine shit on my cross bike, it was pretty sketchy for me. did you have extra beers in your pockets to supplement the one water bottle? thanks for gettin some while we're @ work, life should be so glamorous.

rigtenzin said...

I enjoy climbs too and headwinds. Really. Not always, but they are to be enjoyed, not hated and avoided.