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02 September 2010

plenty of room for action

My legs got a break today. Limited time saw me out on the Black Cat SS, and man! what a rush. It's a zippy bike anyways, but after extensive fixed riding it felt Easy, like my legs were just barely attached. No heaviness, no drag, just whizzing spin. And, plus- coasting is AWESOME. Timing pedal strokes to avoid pedal strikes? Awesome. Swinging your power foot ( yes I said it) back a 1/4 revolution so you can clear that back and forth singletrack up and around that one log? Awesome. Big ass 29"x2.3" tires? Awesome. A punch in the dick?


I haven't been riding that bike so much since it isn't efficient to ride to the ride, but it's just so fun I may have to slither on up to Santa Cruz to ride up and down under the extensive redwoods and remember how Good it can be.

Thanks, Todd, that is a sweet ride. Smart like bull.

A couple singlespeeds parked in the driveway.

Also, it is time to adapt the green kid bike to the growing kids...

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