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29 October 2009

what do you wanna do with your life?

I wanna rock.

Well, I wanna ride bikes long distances (preferably off road, thanks) and stuff. Mike Curiak has a real good series being posted these days on a ride through Southeastern Utah he took. It has real nice photos and stuff. You might lik it. It has inspired me to try the route next summer/ i just gotta figure out this GPS BS and find an adaptor that will work with a solar charger or a generator hub. There's this, but it's long and I haven't read the whole thing.

Any of you people smarter than me (that's most of y'all) got ideas?

Yes, I mostly just wanted to post Barry White in Mexico with heavily processed hair and pretensions of being a conductor.


Robert H said...

Take me with you.

Another source of inspiration:

Re: The charger. There are people in my rando group doing it, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out yet. There are a few companies working on it as we speak though. I'm guessing there will be something on the market (assuming there isn't already) by the time you get serious about such an undertaking.

Robert H said...

I meant to toss that in there. Possibly out by March?

reverend dick said...

OK, but what about Barry White?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

I was actually managed by his manager in the eighties. His name is Tony Sepe. I met Barry in Hollywood in 84. He was really nice and a monster in the studio. He had a great rep as an arranger (strings and horns) and was VERY hands on with the scores his band played.
I know I just killed the vibe didn't I? All true.
He did a song with Quincy Jones in 1990 called "Secret Garden" and I think he got a co- mix, or producer credit. When Quincy gives you credit....sorry you are a bad ass.

reverend dick said...

um...dang! I guess I got carried away by the dancers on the sides. and by his suit...I only ever found the thing on account of I love Barry White's music for wooing the foxy ladies!So...

OK, but what about the kickass bike trip stuff?

Lord Hayden said...

You should just tattoo the state of Utah to your forehead and bring a mirror

reverend dick said...

Look. I only want idears from folks smarter then me.

I coulda thought of that one one my own.

Robert H said...

Barry had 9 kids with 4 different women. The voice practically impregnates women.