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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

27 October 2009

bittersweet yet triumphant?

You go head, you! This is all for you! Only and all. I sincerely hope your life goes as well as can be, and that you are happy. No one could ask for more.

As for me, well...The highest and best use of a "lil' loafer" ( _esus uck, I hate the cutesy contractions). You see how the day/ride begins. There was a lot of rolling. Some stopping.

And so on. Head over heels crash on Blair Witch Trail scraped me up and broke the camera's display. Haven't told the Mrs. yet.

Velocache, bicthes!

At a certain point, I was again at the Stairs... I used to spend so much time there. J and I were there at least once a week for a year or so; you can still see where the surface is burnt from our early days cooking Brown Lunch before we had the heat shield dialed. I've had great times there with wonderful friends, and I have spent the night all alone and sad. Today was just a stop.

Hamms. Dried bananas and walnuts.

I did stash a beer just for old times' sake and even though lately the place has seen a bit of a reversal of fortunes in that there's frequently trash left- evidence of yahoos.

Speaking of yahoos...

50ish miles.


Robert H said...

I wondered if the loafer would fit a 6 pack. Thanks for the conformation.

Patch Kit Guy said...

given the need to only hide one eye, that black bar should read, simply, "tard."