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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

05 October 2009

*integration NOT segregation

Full Harvest Moon was a definite winner. Clear and promising as it started out, cloud cover came in strong. It must have been all that it's cracked up to be to give as much light as it did through those clouds. We just had more time to stand around drinking beers while waiting for holes. Blessed moonlight riding. Lots of giggling as unexpected sand pits grab your front wheel and wrench it sideways or pitch you into a new angled drift. Sit back, relax and let the front end ride because the trail is what it is and you can't judge, only ride. Thank you Sir, may I have another?

Here is a picture of the fancyish King Cage gadget I mentioned. A top cap bottle mount...

You probably can't tell, but REV DICK is stamped on there. I started with the E, because that would be center and a good starting point, but I stamped it backwards and had to correct it. Which only makes it perfect. I was a little in the bag at the time.

I spent some of today realigning the Kampe Monkey back into it's camping style. Taking the suspension off. Hanging derailleurs, swapping the On One Midge (not a fan, they are too effing narrow on top) bars out for the 48cm(!) Nitto Noodles (we especially love them). Etc.

I think a little overnight down to Prewitt via Indians is in order this week. Wed-Thurs. Who's with me?


Gunnar Berg said...

My shop looks like chaos.

reverend dick said...

Mine too.

Lord Hayden said...

re: acorn woodpeckers, they form "breeding collectives" and young can have multiple paternity. what a bunch of pervs

man, monday morning came Early

Patch Kit Guy said...

like the moon landing, this is complete bullshit.