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26 October 2009

Enabling [air] certain behavior [quotes] wherever possible

No clearance, low clearance...issues. After a deeply dissatisfying morning's wrenching, it was time to ride.

Not the bike I'd wanted to ride, but you got to know whichever bike I am currently/actually riding is always the best and favorite bike. As it should be.

Up and into the Monterey Pines. Networks of trails, connected by back roads.

Confirmed Totem Animal sighting. Those of y'all who keep insisting that my totem is the raggedy skunk with it's head stuck in a jar? Place that in your smoking apparatus and set fire to it. As always, click to enlarge as desired.

Restocking the log.

It becomes hard to hold onto the bitterness from _______ (pick your poison, today [for me] was clearances) in these places. Let it go. Let it ride. How can you not?

Ride bikes. Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think.

I reflected today upon the similarities between my bikes and the differences. Cantilevers v. discs for a thing. Skidded out knobbies v. fresh for another. My right knee hurt like a -utha-ucka yesterday/Sunday just walking around, not to mention stairs. I babied it today; asking the left leg to do some work taking up slack. I rode a fair amount last week, and then rode the fixed wheel (above left) to work on Friday and Saturday which I noticed as waaaaaay steeper geared than I remembered.

I think I am getting old or something?

Back on the regular glucosamine/chondroitin for me. It helps.


Jonny Hamachi said...

Nice Totem.
What ever happened to that garden you happened upon?

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Sweet. Part of me wonders how rad you would be on a 22 lb dualie....but that would be wrong, like Evil Knievel on a lite moto-x.
That sure is some nice landscape, I'm still jealous.

Gunnar Berg said...

Forgot how wonderful Ska was...or is.

reverend dick said...

Ham- I blew that. When I saw it had been moved, I figured I could find it No Problem given the shittiness of the initial placement. Nope, all that's left is a roached out clearing full of rubbish. One of these days I'll clean that up, but it does decide what happens next time: I take every one of those plants and hopefully get to kick sand in some weakling's eyes.
HWB- I do have a full squish, I just don't dig riding it as much as rigid. Time and place, horse for course- the dirt around here does NOT require or even reward that choice. Moab, on the other hand...

Robert H said...

You riding that fixed without foot retention? How is that working out for you?

I started my fixed that way but I felt like I had too many sketchy moments over potholes and the like to make me feel safe without clipless pedals.

reverend dick said...

Robert, it is working out FUCKING GREAT!
Or I would change it. That is my townie fixie, and I have not suffered unduly from slippage. For my offroad cross bike fixie (in transition right now) I rock the clipless pedals.