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19 October 2009

*as if everone here would know exactly what I was talking about

I had a hard night last night. Several boozy yokels showed up and made me look bad at my place of employment, drank beers in the parking lot openly, and dragged me around on a poorly lit crossbike dirt demo slash dive bar tour. Excellent. Thanks, fellas. I really needed that.

I first heard of Hasil Adkins when Mike B___ handed us the CD as we were leaving their place on our way to get soaked all day on the Old Caz Grasshopper several years ago. It was some of the weirdest sounds I have ever heard.

RIP Hasil, you were better and realer than Elvis.


Anonymous said...

you and i are lucky men. me, for not having my bike thrown by k___ when it didn't fit in the car for the tenth try; and you, for not being the target of the thrown bike for all the inane heckling. coulda got ugly, but didn't. lucky.

Gunnar Berg said...

This seriously good stuff. Really good. The last one looks like he has meth eyes. I think I've been in that bar. I recognize the women.

reverend dick said...

Good Times.