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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

23 October 2009

Heads up, Moonshine.

Just a little taste of the ___ for you, as you get up an dance at the _______. Halloween parties are for amateurs.

If you'd like to register a complaint regarding this image, by all means.

The coming Full Hunter's Moon will appear, as if by magic, on November 2. Plan accordingly, as this a Monday evening affair, and you will be utterly and completely unfit for productivity the following day. In the past, Full Moons have been re-scheduled at great cost to werewolves and sea turtles alike, and solely for your convenience. This coming event is so action-packed, that this will not be the case here- we'll need the entire moon's light for the hot laps to proceed as planned. Testers have tried a corkscrew-like portion of said course in less than optimum lighting, and the results were...thrilling in their potential for disaster.

Come correct and fully stocked at dark time at the usual entrance to Fort Ord. Mixed bag dirt and pavement. Cross bikes recommended. Costumes welcomed, but not encouraged.

That is all.

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Lord Hayden said...

I will be in portland, presenting at a conference on pumpkin-ass carving at your (the taxpayer's) expense.

That is all.