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21 October 2009

____________ is over rated

You know it's true.

Terry Hall is NOT overrated. I was looking at Specials videos (on account of how Good they are) when this gem caught my ear. Where was I in 1997? Living in Telluride, working seasonally at bike shops there and in Moab and blowing it apparently, because this release slid in completely under my radar.

Today was my weekend. I spent it wandering around via cross bike.


I am a chronic loser of left hand gloves. I have 2 right hands of the same model glove. Yesterday I found one of my lost gloves on a post top coming down South Boundary. That's not trick lighting you see there; that's sun bleaching.

Sneaky dirt connector out the ridge, then 68 to South Boundary. At the top, I strained my brain considering the funnest way to get to the 3 Bitches. That's an area of Fort Ord I no longer ride. Last time was last winter, and probably at least a year before that, so the connectors aren't fresh in me mind.

I decided going down 50 and back up 49 to the altar and down, then up Ewok would be funnest. I crashed good on 50, even though it was still excellently tacky. I won't point fingers. I got mixed up at the bottom of the altar/49 and had to back track to remember to cross the dam to find Ewok. It is still a great trail. I was stymied on 3 Sisters Road (we always called it the 3 Bitches, but it is now signed offically as 3 Sisters Road) looking for Velocache.

Are 49 and 50 in perfect shape right now? Yes!

50ish miles.


Patch Kit Guy said...

two right-hand gloves? Turn one inside out and wear it on the left.

Or do like the rest of the USA and throw them both in the landfill and buy new expensive gloves with a lot of packaging.

And then lose one of them on your first ride.

reverend dick said...

I have actually worn one of them inside out. It is not as cool as it sounds.

And this whole blog is a metaphor for the relationship of Humanity with Nature.