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22 October 2009

Shiney shiney.

Yes, I know it is bad form to post pictures of mock ups. That is a given in the tradition of geeked out bicycle-related-picture-posting internet culture of highbrows such as ourselfs.

Well, maybe that's just me. Would you like my review of the fenders' performance now? They are markedly shorter than Honjos, both front (sadly) and rear. The hardware looks different too, from my brief examination through the bag. Order extra stays (they come with 2), as the front tends to flex some, and you don't want that. Your local can order them for you from Merry Sales.

I am waiting on the actual fork for this bike before installation; which, as opposed to the virtual one you see represented here, will be fender compatible.

Shiney brass fenders. I am going to let them tarnish to a weather beaten mellowness, which will understate the unspoken message of how much better my bike is than yours and by logical extension how much more Quality a Person I am than you. Sorry to be so harsh.


Gunnar Berg said...

Holy Sweet Jesus! They are purdy with that sage green. Another religious experience from the Rev! You ARE a better man. Amen. Damn.

D n L said...

wow, wow!
i needs me somma them! then will look great when they get all patina'd up
i think it is time for me to ditch the banana fenders.

Fxdwhl said...

leather, steel, brass, and aluminum all go well together. but those plastic bottles look out of place on such a steed. loose them and your social ranking will leave you with no worthy riding partners. it's lonely at the top i've heard.

reverend dick said...

The plastic bottles are for me street cred. And rep.

It is a street bike of sorts, after all.

Tom said...

The visual beauty is undeniable but I would remind the faithful of the aural quality of brass. I am curious to know if riding through loose gravel will make it sound like a choir of angels.