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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

09 May 2009

You jealous S.O.B.'s cannot touch me now.

I am covered in Glory; a boon given to me by right of trial by moonlight. Perhaps TRAIL by moonlight...In any event, if you are not riding the bikes under a fat full moon you cannot know what you are missing. Sorry for you my friend. Get it together.

Several of the usual (can we call them that at this point?) yahoos showed up, and several welcome newcomers! Daylit rollout to the Stairs for some hottt beer on beer action. Then steady rolling through the sunset and into the moonrise. The Full Flower Moon showed bright, but hazy. There was a misty veil that kept it from being as starkly contrasted as in full moon's past, but it was nothing to sneer at. (You know, unless you were Conway Twitty.)

We hung out on the ridgetop at the end of Mudhen Express, and then it was down 50North,where (as is becoming usual) you could tell where everone was on the course by their yelps of surprise. Onwards, up 49. We waited in there for the moon to rise enough to light up the canyon. Then it was over the ridge, up to 84 and then 82's sudden drop back down. This was the butterfly's left wing. Next we rolled back up 49 to the ridge and over to 50South on the Laguna Seca side. Down that, which is ridiculously silly fun. Loose, sandy, suddenly twisting off cambered singletrack. Shifting flashes of moonlight and deep shadow. This was the butterfly's right wing. Some people had stopped having fun by this point. There was no complaining, but it was clear just the same. When the lights come on, the party's over for me. So we climbed up the Northern side of 50 and loped back over to the start point, to wash up at Papa Chevo's taqueria around midnight for some low rent Cali-Mex.

A solid Good Time.


Gunnar Berg said...

This...this is some of your best work.

Fxdwhl said...

we watched it rise over amish farmland all fat and yellow on the horizon. special time on the bike indeed.