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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

18 May 2009


...make sure that "stick" lying across your trail is not a snake before you ride over it, huh? You could break a snake's back real easy.

...stuck in my head all day. OK, works for me.

It was early in the mornin, just about the break of 11 when I thought I heard my baby say...take the cross bike out for a spin. It hadn't been tooched since the rainy day Pink Flamingos ride (well, the chain had been oiled before putting it away) and it was covered in residue. Swap the front wheel for the knobby from the Long Haul Trucker (put on for beer drop off runs in the woods) and install the new 31mm Panaracer Cross Blaster on the rear, and it is time to ride some mixed terrain!

Sneaky trail excitement. It would not be prudent to mention details here, suffice to say that my heart rate went up 2 times, and it was some narrow excapes. I tapped the last egg in the log stash with yesterday's ride home from work ( and a couple on the Southside as well, and all on the hoopty NAHBS2009-inspired Schwinn Le Tour Touriste with the nancy boy tyres...all slippy and terrifying on the off road we lik) so it was with a heavy musette that I set out today.

6 little indians tucked up in bed. I moved the location over into the full shade. With the hotttt weather, my beers have been a little too warm in the old stash spot. I didn't even stop to drink one, on account of my mission: Distance (within the given time frame, and with maximum dirt options).

Musette emptied and stowed, it was road towards South Boundary, where it was hottt. Here are some photos looking back towards town and the Pacific:

...moving from Southwestern most in an Easterly direction.

And looking Eastward to Fort Ord (and where I was heading) from the same vantage point.

Once up to 50, I tucked back in under the marine layer and rode alternating stutter bumps and loose sand down into the canyon. I can't really ever say 50 was no fun, but it was not all that it could be today. It would be improved by the use of big fat tires, not racy cross tires. Directest line across Ord to fight the offshore winds back into town and up/over to home. Somewheres around 37miles, and I came home with a brand new plan for the next Full Moon Ride. And It is a Good One.


Fxdwhl said...

those eggs ever turn rotten on ya in the heat?

reverend dick said...

No. It never really gets THAT hot. A few days will reach low 90s for brief periods. Everyone freaks out. Then the fog comes back and we sigh in relief.

And now, I'm keeping them even more shaded...