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01 May 2009

it's not how long you talk, brother

It's what you put in it.

It is true, I am a Fancy Man. You know you love it. My advisor in this as it relates to bicycles, Mr. Berg, has put me on notice regarding Vittoria's fancy shoe line.
These are the Gators of the cycling scene, fo sho. I liked the Dromartis more better. Both put me in mind of kicking myself when I think back to Interbike circa '02, and the Italian booth holding aligator skin cycling shoes! As well as the pedestrian by comparison (yet still rarified) snake skin cycling shoes! To think that I let them slip through my fingers; figuring I could always get them some other time when I was more flush. Several lessons there- not least to bear in mind that nothing lasts; get in where you fit in. The elusive Mysterious B___ S_____ was with me, and our breaths was fully loaded with chronic and beer.

Anways, alas! it has been made clear to me that laced shoes are not to be. Even for a mercurial creature of the catwalk such as myself, Form triumphs when I know I will have to ride miles and miles in them shoes. "Might as well suffer" may well be the motto of this old country church of ours, but it does not apply to footwear.

And so in closing, allow me to leave you with these words of wisdom from Dolemite, Mothafucka:

*edit: see these shoes!

I don't even want to go into the wasp's nest that is my (weakening?) claim to be vegan in thinking about these things.


Fxdwhl said...

couple more months and you'll be singing too.

Anonymous said...

vegan schmegan. get the damn shoes already son!

reverend dick said...

You know... that Monty Burns is a P-I-M-P. Once I am done spreading the swine flu all around I'll take up the eating of human flesh.