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21 May 2009

if I could have your attention for a moment while we go over the safety procedures

I spent the morning casually riding around town with my sweetie- acting like citizens, getting coffee, returning library books, etc. She looked real sophisticated gliding around on her fancy girl mixte with the fenders and the baskets. Except for her rear thumbshifter, which has sheared itself off at the extension for the barrel adjust. I sort of put it back in place and it is held there by cable tension for now...I better fix that.

Today was a minimum day for the youngest; school out at 12:30. Pickup via bicycle as requested. Right away we fought the rotten offshore headwind heading towards the mouth of the valley. From a comfortable speedy coasting downhill, we rounded the corner into a near total stoppage of forward motion which required constant pedaling vigilance to cleave our way onward.

Slip slip slipped up the hill. There was a lot of walking. A lot. But no complaining.

We stopped on the South Side for a beer and a juice box in the woods. Sat side by side on a log on the steep ridge side and let our feet dangle.

Just like old times with my favorite riding partner.

Since we were on sneaky trails, he told me in a whisper: "We are secret boys." He is right. It is a beautiful thing to share those wild spots with him.

A surely by now familiar perspective on our ride.

No Brown Lunch today, it was boxed lunch instead. Removed 2 (coldish) beers from under a log.

Then it was down the other side and towards Velocache Monterey...before wrapping around the peninsula to home. That little badass rode ~25miles and had a Good Attitude the whole time.


Gunnar Berg said...

"Secret Boys". A wise child. Right now your main job in life is to fill your children with as many loving memories as you can. It will give them strength during dark times for the rest of their lives.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Best Dad ever, best scenery anywhere, best ride .....till the next one. Nice work Rev, thanks for making feel inadequate and jealous all at once....BASTARD!

Human Wrecking Ball said...

BTW the "secret boys" quote had and "aw factor" of 10 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

i remember a day when i was your favorite lil ridin' buddy :(