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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

06 May 2009

oyez oyez oyez

Just so's y'all know:the Full Flower Moon is coming this Saturday, May 9th!

That is this Saturday. You know, the one in 3 days...

Pack your bags. In beautiful wide open Fort Ord, there is a forecasted low of 54 degrees, and our sun will set at 8:03PM. Get ready for this.

As a reminder: you typically get a full moon per month. Don't uh, blow it.


Anonymous said...

i wish i could be there. you guys in Cali get all the goods. good trails. good peeps. the good moon.

we'll have the same ol' boring moon here on saturday no doubt.

D____ G___ said...

full moon ride is fo' suckas.
Ah pity the foo who ride fool moon.
Don't gimme no jibber jabber.

Anonymous said...

Make a Full Moon ride happen where you are! You got the ingredients.

Shet up, Foo.