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26 May 2009

time to make the donuts

Quick up and over to work this day. Townie style. Bit of excitation popping up/out of the exit from the bike path which dumps you full tilt into oncoming traffic when there is some. Thing is, it is such a little used side road that you never consider there will be oncoming traffic; so when there is, you are letting it hang all out in the worst possible place and way. I came flying down that hill, into the dip and up/out almost directly into the front end of a sheriff's cruiser. I veered into the gutter and kept going. He did not turn around. As good as I could ask for, given the circumstances. Note to self: slow down there, maaaan.


After work I fixed the flat which had set in over the course of my shift. Then I headed up the hill via my now accustomed route in the dirt. Shirtless, weightless, colorless and dateless. Feels good to apply leg strength to the pedals and make the bicycle move over ground. Upon arriving at the egg grounds, I noticed a flash of blue in the bushes which upon inspection proved to be a balloon. This balloon was in a nice clearing. I looked around with camping in mind. I saw a game trail that had been torn up in a peculiar way, so I looked closer and found all the scooped areas in front of small piles of duff were sites where something had attempted to cover hairy turds thicker than your thumb and 5-7 inches long... it was a mountain lion midden. Well established and about 15 feet away from the spot where I habitually (it sounds bad put like that) stop to drink a beer in the woods.

(I saw no lions, just poop. not my photo...)

I guess the mountain lions go for the same type of hangouts I do.


Gunnar Berg said...

Best to offer the cool cat a beer next time.

reverend dick said...