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05 May 2009

I stole this whole thing

from juancho. Even the fancy picture.

The personal board of directors. As in, if you could assemble a panel of experts to guide you as if you were an organization in and of yourself, who would you select to be on your board?

I chose all famous people because, though I could include several people I actually know, most of my friends are jackasses and would surely steer me wrong if only to laugh at me as I broke up on the rocks. While throwing empty cans at me.

* Chair: J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, High Epopt of the Church of the Subgenius (pre 1998)
*Lee Marvin
*Sean Connery (as James Bond 007)
*Willie Nelson
*Neal Stephenson
*Capt. Jack Aubrey
*Agent Cooper of the FBI

And y'all?


Gunnar Berg said...

An interesting game; who to guide me through life(now that I've wasted most of it)? I am quite certain it would not be singers and actors - or their screen personas. I think I would be more inclined to look to philosophers, with two or three people that have been tested by fire to balance the board. Who would I choose as guides, to take the helm during the storms? Names? I'll have to get back to you with names. Oh hell, I'll just steer it myself.

Tom said...

Pre-coffee draft:
Jacques Cousteau (media)
Vandana Shiva (activism)
Valerie Plumwood (ethics)
Kasia Heigelmann (health)
Vincent Bugliosi (legal)

Anonymous said...

As Berg aludes to, the path might be more interesting than the end(s)(points). But, as your attorney, I would advise that your corporate status is best safeguarded by an annual meeting with the board. Tom's Vandana Shiva is an excellent choice, legal council in the form of Larry Lessig or Tony Serra, Bill Mollison on environment, John Sinclair on culture, Terrance McKenna-transcendence, Salvador Dali-art, Raoul Vaneigem-politics, Andrew Weil-health/balance, Krishnamurti-spirituality. Who am I kidding, I'd skip the meeting and go hit the dirt jumps with the boys.

reverend dick said...

Terrance McKenna is full of mushroom fertilizer.

And plus, Lee Marvin could outdrink, outthink and just plain outman any of these people mentioned. You wouldn't have to skip the meetings with my group- they'd be as fun or funner than anything else going.

velocacheboise said...

Hunter S. Thompson
Captain James T. Kirk
Marlin Perkins
Andre the Giant
Dr. Teeth AND the Electric Mayhem
Terje Haakonsen
and yeah I would want Bob too