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13 May 2009

check out my monkey brain!

Thanks to my understanding sweetie, I was able to ride my bike for a short dirt loop on the singlespeed after work Tuesday. She took the kids over to S__ and P___'s house, where they are plied with cable TV and sugar in all it's forms. They like it. S__ and P___ get to be grandparents, so they like it too.

I rode a quick tour of my usual dirty route, and even had time/opportunity to stop for a tepid beer in the woods (=> the best coldest beer you ever had).

I stopped to take a photo of the (possibly) largest banana slug ever:

Yes, in answer to your question that black glistening stringy thing is, in fact, banana slug poop.

On my way back home, along the paved road, I noticed this little bunny sized hopping form along the shoulder. It turned out to be this guy:

I am sure he took his 1st flight a little too soon...

he did not seem injured, but he sure wasn't making any effort to fly either.

He was in danger of being hit by one of the yellow line riding Porsche drivers that plague that road, so I attempted to shoo him away from the shoulder. He would not head up the bank you see behind him, preferring to clack his beak at me and blink. He also puffed up at first with his wings spread, but calmed down from that quickly. I could hear both his parents softly hooting from the tall Monterey Pines above us from either side of the road. I could not see them. I finally shooed him across the road with my front wheel. I was tempted to pick him up and carry him since he was clearly bummed about being jostled, and he was easily knocked off balance- but I knew he'd rip me open with that sharp curved beak. Also, I wasn't sure about the whole human scent issue, cuz I stink. Finally I convinced him to hop up the milder bank on the other side, and he got his foot hung up in a weed stalk. When I reached out and flipped his foot (gently!) to free it, he swiveled his head all the way around and looked at me with wounded dignity.

I hope he made it allright.


grommet said...

Dude, that's some heavy duty mojo you are dealing with......banana slug and an owl all in the same ride? You should probably schedule an appointment with your shrink, immediately.

Anonymous said...

My ride today: two beavers and one TINY turtle.

Yesterday, a snake.

Check my blog yo.

Little_Jewford said...

Human stink thing is an urban legend, check out the monterey SPCA website on the subject. I'm off to the east bay for a weekend of MTBing....drop me a line and maybe we can arrange a mid-week double secret probation afternoon ride.

randomtruth said...

Looks like a fledgling great horned owl to me. Here's a pic of one we watched go through this "brancher" phase last year. As they're learning to fly they often fall to the ground. They then scramble/flap their way back up the trunk of a tree to a branch, rest, and then give it another go. This process of learning to fly can take 4-7 days, and during this phase the science guys call them "branchers." Btw - the Ma is usually nearby to help out if she can, and to bring food as needed.

reverend dick said...

Rad! Thanks, randomtruth.

blackcatbicycles said...

humiliating wildlife again?
disturbing a slugs morning constitutional is not cool. "there i was taking my shit and this dude just comes up, stands RIGHT next to me and starts taking pictures! what a dick!"
the owl thing is cool. birds don't have feelings so, whatever.

reverend dick said...

Slugs are exhibitionists.

And fledgling Great Horned Owls who don't fly well are my totem, so it was like totally cool.

juancho said...

An OWL? That is bigtime mojo where I come from.

Anonymous said...

"birds don't have feelings so, whatever."

You are joking right? Otherwise you are a cretin!

blackcatbicycles said...

yes, i am a cretin(!), but i was joking.
i have never eaten am owl. have you seen their poops!?! yuck.