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29 April 2009

you speak as though you had hot potatoes in your mouth

Dialing in the routes, tightening up the muscles, ratcheting down the effort. Rode in to work the super sneaky dirt way yesterday in the 1.5 hours allotted, and with time to spare for a quick shower and coffee even though my Soulcraft cap dropped out of my pocket in transit. Today I found my cap. Someone had kindly placed it on a post. Little things go far. I was in no nonsense get there mode (well, I did take the one dirt connector, but it is as fast or faster than other paved options, and waaay more fun) and it took just under 40 minutes.

These times surprise me. Especially when you consider the time spent getting home: We got off early; there is only so much training you can do. I was free to take the long way home before fetching the boy. I opted to head right up the ridge line, so it was a little backroad and then singletrack switchbacks climbing the spine. Pleasantly surprised at their rideability, even with smooth tires. A little weight to the back, a BMX style stand and pump...and up I continued to go. Quick stop in the woods

(timed at 11minutes) to tap the last of the easter eggs there, and moved on. There was a moment of delicious cat and mouse as I came upon a situation involving permissions, the lack thereof, and an enforcer type. But he was looking the other way and I was quickly by and to a game trail. Kept on. More trail, more street and home in 1 hour 40 minutes?!?

Seems like I have some more refining to do on the route(s) to work. It is a pleasant burden.