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15 April 2009

it is an ill win that blows no good

The wind!

How I loathe riding in the wind. How do I loathe it? With loathesome loathing. I'd much sooner ride uphill all week with no coasting or leveling than ride a day in the wind.

What happened to Spring? It is here, but it is not here. Looks like Santa and that bunny are still at it.

A quick local loop on the fixed Crosscheck was enough to let me know I really have let those early season miles of fitness slip through my fingers.


The wind was ever present. I stashed some easter eggs in the woods, checked on that tarped over situation (looks to be moving forward slowly, and- yes- the jackass has left plenty of empty halves of plastic water containers littering up the joint. I am going to extract a hefty toll this year-is my decision on what to do about it), climbed a couple hills, and was generally blown about.

Did I mention there's a troll living in the woods? Several, in point of fact. But I hadn't seen this one before the other day while velocaching with the kids. He'd pitched his tent on that one connector up top, right in the trail. He also was lying in his tent with his pants off. That's classy. I got the kids turned around (thankfully they were well behind me) and we took an alternate route. When I rode this trail yesterday, I caught a flash of turqoise off to my right and sure enough there he was. He was scrambling to make himself scarce, and then tried to pretend he was not there at all. At least he had pants, had removed his tent and the area was devoid of litter. I told him to "keep it clean!" and rode on by. I feel sure that will have the desired effect.

Here's hoping the wind dies out by this weekend.


Lord Hayden said...

You catch the 5 o'clock news? The pretty lady said that the local pantsless trolls had announced they were leaving town, and The Wind was brutally murdered on his last week on the job. Everything's coming up Dick!

Tim McGuire said...

I've been working on a cure for the wind. It isn't perfect yet, as I've had some miserable rides in the wind lately, but it often works:

become more mindful. start noticing details. the makes and models of passing cars, their plates, the sounds of the wind, the other sounds , the sights and feelings that might be going on. Most interesting of all is your minds reaction to the wind. the loathing you feel is just as valid a detail as the sunlight and clouds. As you do this, the experience of riding in the wind gets a bit more granular and you can take refuge in the variations of reality instead of being oppressed by the wind.

reverend dick said...

Tim- I will try that next time I'm caught out. Until then my strategy is avoidance.