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08 April 2009

hey all you gays- quit forcing me to do...uh...stuff!

So this:

is beyond the pale.

My favorite is: "I will have no choice." That is correct white teenage girl! You WILL have to...uh, what was it she will have no choice about again? Whatever. Hey all you gays- you stop destabilising my marriage! It is on the rocks now on account of you and your darned love for one another!

God hates stuff I want Him to hate!



Gunnar Berg said...

Iowa and Vermont have now chosen to be part of the gathering storm, and I am embarassed to say, Minnesota has not. Vermont did so because they are progressive people; Iowa did so because their Supreme Court is progressive, but the regressive Iowegian citizens WILL pass a constitutional amendment attempting to quell the storm. Minnesota is laying in a dead calm because there is a Republican governor, with aspirations to be more, and he will block any effort to raise the winds of change. (kinda running outa storm analogies)
I think I should be able to marry any adult I chose to and as many as I chose to if all parties are in agreement. It is not the government's business to reinforce religious dogma. Moral, yes; religious, no.

Inspector Javert said...

YOU are a gay.
Check this out:

Thaaaaaaaat's right.

Anonymous said...

what if the gays decide to make everyone gay?
what then?
dumb gays trying to make everyone gay.
its part of the GAY AGENDA to make everyone gay.
even your dead grandma will be gay. she will have NO CHOICE. gay.

l'il hateful said...

It's all part of the plot of Commies trying to tear down the pillars of our free, God-loving Amur'ca. They'll start with the love-couples then move into disabling our war machine. That's when they'll hit ... oh wait, not Commies, I mean those Muslims, although you can't be gay and Islamic ... maybe I mean those evil Hong Kong corporate types if they're gay ... those people wear a lot of flashy Chinese silk, so maybe, but not really likely ... well, gee whiz, we need Chuck Norris to tell us who the bad guys are. This is too confusing.

Little_Jewford said...

But Chuck Norris will be helpless...because he will be Gay.

WTF....what the hell are people so afraid of anyways? Oh my god, people are in love and they are (wisper)...."both boys" or "both girls" and want the recognition of their commitment like EVERYBODY ELSE....

What amazes me is these scare tactics and the obviously religious arguments are the same that were used to argue against inter-racial marriage (or jim crow, or slavery..lets not forget people pulled their kids out of school because the government "forced" them to accept people of color) I guess its not acceptable to be a racist but it is ok to hate gays. Glad to see we've come so far.

Lord Hayden said...

"But Chuck Norris will be helpless...because he will be Gay."

Who could forget those steamy tent scenes in Lone Wolf McQuade?

reverend dick said...

Chuck Norris wrote AND SANG the title track for Walker Texas Ranger. So.

Nobody does not like Walker Texas Ranger.