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05 April 2009

medulla oblongata

You like that? You like that? I speak, uh, very very fluent Spanish. Ain't that nice, mama? And a super hot sexy naughty hello to the individuals who stopped by searching for "sweet church ass", and (even better?) "sexy things to say to your boyfriend". I am glad you could come out from under your rocks for a little while.

A glorious day to ride the bike.

I replaced the worn chain and whupped (alloy) 46t chainring on the fixed Crosscheck with a new chain and a stainless steel Surly ring. Yay! Now the drivetrain is quiet again and there are no unsightly gaps where the chain rides up out of the parabolas no more.

I decided to use my newfound powers to Velocache! Here are some views:

Instead of riding down there on the road

I opted for the hidden connector trail.

as it is always the funner opt.

Then I spotted this young lady on the bike path, where the people watching can be good

and she said I could take her picture. I told her I liked her style. Because, look at her.

Velocache! GO.

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