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05 April 2009

crass commercialism

Several of y'all have seen this I am sure. For those who have not:

I rode my cross bike the other day. In Santa Cruz. Up a fireroad (some guy in a Specialized kit wanted to challenge me, and I whipped that ass! You know the deal- somebody comes up and tries their best to "win" the ride...I couldn't allow that to happen.) and then down this really fun trail. I did put a knobby on the front (returned to me at the Pinnacles ride, having been separated from it in the CountybadideaLine) but the slick remained on the rear since I am too lazy to swap. Made for some interesting slip while standing climbing and a thrilling sense of danger approaching turns downhill in the Redwood duff at speed.

Riding the bikes is fun. I think I will go do that today.

And, plus VeloCache, senors y senoritas!

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