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20 April 2009

It is waaaaay more fun if you add an L, and a ZE, sucka

Sea Otter was up and down.

Overall I had a great time. The Joselyn's Booth was hopping and well executed. A well lubricated team, so to speak. Meet the new Frank! Organized chaos was the theme, with sales and massage and shi_talking and beer drinking all going on simultaneously under one very large roof. Seriously, Frank, hats off- that was well done. you made a lot of folks' experience better with your inclusive tent of wonders.

And by Sunday I was able to see the inclusiveness at the Sea Otter Classic. Which was a welcome and unexpected shift from Thursday's feel of schism. I just lik bikes, you know? Downhill suspendy super new school techno bendy latticework anodized (again with all that?) 650b (650BS if you axe me, which you did not) hydroformed latest material aerospace expensive "whips" or just a should be a sweet ride and a celebration, bitches. I was not feeling it that day. Maybe it was the jacked up stickered up raised up shut the _uck up vans and pickups aggressively proclaiming their "be a hero" hype. But all I could draw from the scene was a sense of dislocation and sadness at the way everyone passed one another with their attitudes in the air and their sunglasses on- like a day's worth of the shi__iest attitude you ever got from whatever shop nearest you it is that only employs snotty wannabe PROs who give you the once over and sneer. Downhill vs XC vs BMX vs Road vs hipster vs us. I suppose it is reflective of humanity (as in oh, the) that there exist these splits, but I say let's end the sectarian violence and just ride the damn bike.

I was bumming out. I had some good coffee and walked around a little more, looking for Goodness but it was covered. Several friendly faces were absent this year (economy, new babies, etc) and when you have been staggeringly out of your head drunk around these type of events enough times to wonder if you are getting that reception because of _____________at last year's Interbike or if you are imagining things you welcome an old friend old friend.

I was pleasantly surprised to come across B. Spoke Tailor Nan Eastep, who was gracious and makes cycle specific clothing that really floats my boat. That was nice. The yahoos at Santa Cruz (you know who you are) went a long way also.

However, there is only so much sadness one 40 year old teenage girl can emote when in the presence of a cooler full of cold beer and a lot of bikes, so I got better. By Sunday, I loved everbody again (especially you). The boys had a good time checking out trialsin demos and jumpyhouses and icecream.

sLeaZE otter
is best forgotten entirely, because those people are just no good at all.

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