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07 April 2009

Short Duration Personal Savior

This guy is my current shordurpersav. I'm telling y'all, I keep coming back to him. I found him by searchin for "whip that ass" and it is a long story and not really relevant.

What is relevant is how kick ass he was. This guy got out and did stuff. Stuff he loved, and in the face of huge obstacles.

Hell yes!


Lord Hayden said...

I don't want to read about any baboon's asses getting beat in the Carmel Pine Cone

reverend dick said...

Only if the baboons decide to sue the state of California for punitive damages to the tune of 8.6 million. Everbody's gotta cover they asses medically, I guess- even if they are bright blue and swole.

Lord Hayden said...

Pine Cone to motorcyclist: "Taste a mountain goat's ass"