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14 April 2009

round the outside

By now it's looking pretty shaky. Bad ideas, bad jokes, bad apples all around. If you know what's good for you, you'll show up on time.

Last year's was a total mess, the year before a complete fiasco- can we expect anything less in '09? Judging from the rumors and fluff- No. No we can't. I have heard there will again be a KOM competition, and it will be "for real". I have also heard it is impolite to question the Authority of those little men behind the curtain.

Be there, or miss a good time. I'm bringing a light, a blinkie, a bag, and a helmet.And that's it. OK. And a sweater, some warm gloves, an extra extra layer (it can get cold on the coast), a lighter, this book of matches, this paddle ball, this stool, and my dog Shithead- Ok maybe I don't need him. But that's it! That's all I'm taking.

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