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28 January 2008

This little piggy went to market.

Went to the grocer's today. J and I took the Xtracycle train. We started in the rain (all caped up in the selftent) and 2/3 up the hill it cleared above us. Yesssssss. Sunshine.

This was the lockup- wheels removed and secured. I forgot the cable.

Here's the 6 bags. It was a cartload. I didn't leave stuff out that we needed, but I kept in mind the fact that I was hauling all this back up/over. Packing loomed large in my purchase decisions too.

J enjoying the ride back up the hill. The green drybag is filled only with another larger drybag, as we anticipated rain. Figured the paper sacks would dissolve.

The choice: this or that. Give thanks for some sun!

The returned rig, parked in the drive.

Perspective upon unloading. Look at the Grip King pedals...I gotta be King where I can.

After so much rain it was a joy to be outside and lugging things by bike. Physically I'm feeling really good right now. SI issues are quiet, legs feel clean. (Rollers...Thanks, Mysterious B___ S_____ for turning me on to them. You were right. For once.) J is always stoked to ride, so I'm lucky there. ( He told me at one point that he had to "deal with [his] juice". WTH?) The packing required some care, as it does. Made sure the bags were balanced weight side to side. Put the high riding bags (stuff out the top) in the back of the trailer. The little junky red sack is for straps/multitool/tube...straps aren't easy but they're very necessary. Used the outrigger support on only one side due to trailer interference, but for this load they don't really help anyway. The trailer and the Xtracycle complement each other very well (using the skewer hitch), . We've had Great Success using this setup on several camping trips as well, so I'm sure it's solid. The overall ride quality is "couchy". That's a description that gets thrown out a little too casually, imho, but the springy Brooks B66 and soooper loooooong wheelbase make it fit. Lotta flex...

I'm waiting on Big Dummy, dammit.


grommet said...

What's the deal with the "big dummy", I went though all the info on the link.......but I would like the Reverend's perspective. I'm trying to kickstart my commuting this year. (Yes, I'm pathetic) I thought about Kona's new rig with the platform Xtracycle knockoff? Please help.

reverend dick said...

Dood- I know who you are. Your supply of technical/mechanical bike know-how would not even fit in my tiny,pointed skull. That said, if you're looking at the Kona and can get EP, it looks workable. They are a bunch of Canadians...JOKING. No, they really are a bunch of Canadians.
The frame is 7005 Alu- right away, me no likey. The f brake is Hayes mechanical-feh. The bags (included) are too small to really carry anything substantial (normal pannier size it looks like). And, most tellingly, the wheels are 700c. I'm a hyooodge advocate for 29ers ( actually, ther're really only GGGGreaat for tall people) and you won't find me pushing for 700c wheels on a heavily loaded bike. Still, if the $$ is unpassupable, it'll do a job commuting and straps and dry bags would work on it.

I just think the Surly is the superior design, material, and (probably) cost. The xtracycle attachments are sold separately, but they work really damn well. I'll see if we've got any more loaded camping pictures (last time I pulled the trailer and brought 2 tents, 3 gallon solar shower(full), kitchen stuff,case of beer, food, 3 gallons drinking water,5 sleeping bags+pads,3 kid crazycreeks and 2 adult FOLDING CHAIRS!?!?!) to illustrate the capacity better.

The Big Dummy will be much stiffer laterally due to the diagonal ovalized rear down tube and ovalized boom tube. Feck, that thing is bomber. With the kind of load just described, that'll be very welcome. Especially offroad- which is where we want to be with it, yes?

And the 26" wheels really will be stouter. I won't obsess over their relative inefficiency because with 187lbs of shi_ behind me...

And, plus those Surly guys lik to drink beers and ride on their bikes, and we love that.

Yes, you are pathetic. Don't you have a flask holster on your current townie? How can you stay off it? Git out there and jump some barriers!