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08 March 2014

I have begun a winning tradition

Ooo baby.

Digital records of analog events. Is it even worth leaving this chair?

Exhibit A:

It is.

Exhibit B:

It IS worth leaving this chair. Even (especially?) if the computer is all loaded up with viruses and in the shop, and so little documentation is to be had.

Riding bikes and drinking beers happens in the flesh, after all.

Feel so froggy lately, I wanna jump back. Legs as fresh as your creepy uncle. Aw yeah. There was a while there that I was allowing my ride schedule, such as it is, to be determined by other folks' show/no-show. I'm past that now and the satisfaction of riding whenever the riding is there is it's own reward fo sho. Again, I relearn that you can't let other people get your kicks for you.

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