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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

22 March 2014

feverish activity

Guess who's all thumbs and isn't going bike camping in Coe next week. Yes, my life is not my own, and my superiors have informed me that that plan is unworkable. Which is tough, because (well, I wanted to go play) I am trying to finalize my set-ups for this upcoming tour. 6 days on the road ain't going to suck itself. There are substantial dirt sections, and folks in recent years have been taking their mountain bikes, so I'm thinking I'll revive the success of the Surly Ogre with the 29+ front (dyno)wheel for distance and comfort. It worked well on the Death Valley Ramble. Lots of load capacity and little to go wrong. I need that. I also lik the flatform pedals for the long hauls. It is nice to have the freedom to move around a bunch and I believe there will be the walking next to the bike for extended periods as well.

 Even after all this extensive riding around to and from and after work, I am not ready for this. Which is as ready as I'll ever be. When we form like Voltron, I will be the tail end bringing up the back.

This week I will be dehydrating hummus and baking kale chips, rolling around on foam cylinders, pulling out the myriad tarps to find the usablest one, making lists, and purchasing rations. It's a process. You got to find what strikes the best balance, if it works for you then it is undeniable.


Lord Hayden said...

Is that the "NO LOUD MUSIC" next to the car wash on Fremont??

reverend dick said...

CSIDE! Yes, that's the one. "Fresno by the sea."

Lord Hayden said...

should read "NO LOUD MUSIC except for BLUE FLOWERS and MASTER OF THE GAME on repeat"