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18 March 2014

strange animals you never saw

Days off are for fun. Relax in the woods with some clippers and a pull-saw for 4 hours and what a you get? Trails clear of logs (the smaller ones, anyhow. There are a few still down that will require some real sawyering...under cover of darkness), free from eye-poking limbs, and NO POISON OAK within arms reach of the singletracks. Those are some results.

I been demoing a full squish (full carbon?!) with the 1x11 for the past week. While the Magura disc brakes squeal like they're a little overweight and their log book is way behind, I am enjoying the shit out of the experience. That 1x11 business...that is all right. No problems climbing the sustained, the steep, or the punchy. Lots of giddy.

The bloom is on over here, and I'm thinking folks going bike touring 2 weeks from now are gonna be missing the wildflowers, which will be past. Seems like a couple days in Coe are just the ticket for some climby flower viewing...who's got 2 thumbs and is off next Monday and Tuesday?

1 comment:

Buzz said...

Carbon and 1x11..???!!

Holy crap Rev! What is the world coming to? The next thing you know you will be a full on proponent of tubeless and carbon fiber rims as well!

Ha ha! I'm 1x11 and carbon fiber rims now. Got a smokin' deal on the shit and I'm pretty much ruined now. Super light wheels are the biggest improvement I have ever enjoyed on a bike.
Can not imagine having to pay full pop for this shit though. ugh!