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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

16 March 2014

another showdown scene

Out of everbody invited, only me and Adolph Herman Joseph Coors showed up for the Full sandWormsofarrakis Moon. We toured from 10th street liquors ("coldest beer in town") on out to the tower by the boarded up military shack the Sleaze Otter ran through that one time. I'd plugged the light in, and left it at home and my blinkie was blinked out, so all in black makes it a be safer offa the roads evening anyways. A homeless dude told me to get a light on the path out of town. The other tower is full of bees again, like it is seasonally. And that damned skunk was tail-up on the trail as he will be sometimes, at the intersection after the poison-oaked access. But he moved when I told him to beat it. For once.

All strapped up Saturday night.

Well, I wanted a close-up view of one of the old DANGER! ordinance signs. I love them, with the skull and crossbones they're waaay more effective than just strong wording.

Swapping the framebag around from bike to bike. Loaded with 10.L of water, it is some heavy load to push. It's OK, though. Still rallyable.  It's not as though it weren't fun or nothin.

Spring is sprung over here, for sure. Waking up was delight; the 1st of many warm and sunny mornings, I hope. Bird choruses and good green smells.

I put the B17 back on the bike, and my pants didn't have any holes in them when I got home this morning.

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