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25 March 2014

open up your heart

Ah, Bitch Irony has done attempted to break my heart. It runs so deep. To begin, know that I am resistant to "new" bicycle tech. Well, on of account of having been that kid who wants the new new because it's new and surely the manufacturer has all the bugs worked out and is bringing to market a truly improved product that is a real world game changer and plus it's shiny this year. You understand. And then, I have been that guy in the back who only wants to run what they brung, too. These days I kid myself my current stance is one of balance and poise.

If I don't do it, somebody else will.

So then, looking back at this decade or so of dipping my toe further into the muck of disc brakery, you must recognize the extensive use of mechanical discs for what it is. What it has been. A nod to the Real real world practicablity of use, such that when (if?) one does experience technical probrems they are of an easily solveable nature, viz. fitting a new braided steel cable,etc and vs. the trouble and expense of replacing hydraulic line and potentially (likely?) pads as well, to say nothing of the toxicity inherent in the DOT fluid and how that reflects poorly on us as a species.

Like Galileo dropped a orange.

And then finally having gotten comfortable with the vagaries of the hydraulic systems, after finding one (1) that consistently and quietly works (Shimano, bitches...AND it's the non-toxic mineral oil!) I go and put it on my own bike and just love the hell out of it. It's easier on these tired out forearms. It works (mountain, anyhow...LMFAO @ the early adopters of the sram it down your throat hydraulic road garbage...but it's new! And shiny!). And after all the times folks have used their hydro and not had probrems, I slowly, creepingly, stopped considering them a sure-fire hazard and the shift has been gradual but certain that hydro is not necessarily evil, not necessarily a sure-fire fun ender if crashed.

You see where this is going. I patted myself on the back for getting the workingman's Deore brakes and keeping it real with this 3rd foray, having used the SLX to good effect after the weak XTR of 2006 or so. I put them on yesterday, in anticipation of this big dumb tour, and there was no trouble in sight. And then I went up that hill with a saw strapped on the bike- because it needs doing plus it's fun to have a mission and plus it's just fun to run a big saw. I figured I'd make a real test ride out of it. I put the big front wheel on the Ogre because it worked so nice in Death Valley and I wanted to be certain it is the right choice this go round.

And it will be, after I fix this severed hydraulic line.

Yep. Railing it a little bit faster than conditions (being my skills) will allow, I dumped the front end. Well, I was flush with so much success. Alas, the front rack clipped the line as the result of the bar twisting crash. And here is the irony- after having zero issues with the mechanical disc brakes that had been mounted on that bike for a couple years, including with that same front rack in that very same mounted position and with other crashes under my belt aboard same (because, let's face it) I had changed the routing of the rear brake line from the most lateral guides to the "protected" underneath the down tube guides, which change in clearance (of 4 or 5mm max, BTW) was my downfall. I had considered and authorized this switcheroo and thought myself clever.

Of course I've learned, now. Not like any of these type of issues is in my future anymore. 

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Gunnar Berg said...

Disc brakes! I suspect a that all better bikes, included racing road bikes, will have discs very soon.

And I'm about to dip my toes into a poorly conceived, badly designed shifter that was obsolete before it was ever made. We all do what we must.