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26 March 2014

the patient may die

Just for the record, if you find yourselves wondering, the Tektro hydraulic line for the Auriga/etc model disc brakes will   
edit: WILL  NOT work with the Shimano Deore lever and caliper BR-M615...

further edit: there is slight weeping at the lever connection. Dammit, it was too convenient to be true. So now it's the brake swap. Feck.

It has been my understanding that Tektro produces the Shimano brakes in their factories, and they sure look the same, so I figured I'd give it a shot seeing as how we had the Tektro line but not the Shimano. The Tektro is a cunt hair bigger (apologies to the ladies, but sometimes) but when I checked the connector bolts they threaded right in so I used the hardware included and so far it is holding oil and feels great! Well, yes, it is just in the stand. But I'm a ride that bike to work tomorrow and brake check the shit out of myself so hopefully all will be well in the real world.

If not, it's a last minute brake swap from the other bike. Cross your fingers, toes, and eyes.

Y Flaco es el hombre.

...and the trombone?!? Dang.


Gunnar Berg said...

That is as fine as anything you have ever posted.

George Bohannon on Trombone.

reverend dick said...

Just when I think, "man, that Berg outfit really loves the disc brake reports!" I realize you are talking about the music. That whole concert is FANTASTIC. said...

I wish you'd share your adventures more often. I've been following for a few years and hope that I'll see more, more, more! The similarities between you and I are too much to ignore, except that you do a much better job of putting the experience to pen.
As our boy Hank D said,
"Most men lead quiet lives of desperation..."
Give me another strong beer and a bike.

Hats off from New Zealand
Mr. M Anderson

reverend dick said...

Thanks, Mr. Anderson. It is nice to hear from readers.