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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

06 April 2012

what kind of a cult are you running here?

Fine. Play possum. I can take a hint.

This weekend in lieu of zombification viz. sitting in peeyous, we will elect to root out the brightly colored candy-delivery packages which are to be clandestinely routed through the medium of me+bicycle on that one trail.

You celebrate your magical interpretation of seasonal change your way, without forcing your views down other folks' Rights, and I will do the same.

Unrelatedly, watch out for bike thieves...

Furtherly unrelatedly, I finished changing friend E___'s crappy GT Avalanche into an Xtracrappy GT Avalanche. That thing is now waaaaaay more comfortable. And safe. And clean (coating your drivetrain in hardened wax based lube and sand is no way to go thru life). Done on the cheap with shifter/brake combo V-brake upgrade courtesy of the parts bins. Same for admittedly questionable suspension post (the old one's head was detaching) as well as the light and functional ladies saddle.

What does he care? He's a surfer.

E___ plans to bring his son L____ camping via said Xtracrapcyle...but we all know how plans laid in California have shaky foundations. Hopefully this means my youngest will have his buddy along for the Spring Break Bikecamping Trip 2012. No, I'm not forcing them to do Coe.


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