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01 April 2012

my tongue is not rubber

Like Albert says,

Whoo! Crosscut sawyer training weekend. Yes, I matriculated. One of these fine days you'll pass me on the trail and you will thank me and I will not yell at you to "Get offa my lawn" and peace will reign. We got to drive out Indians Road to the old Girl Scout Camp. I hadn't been up there, and it's worth knowing about and revisiting. Next time we can go see the waterfall.

The VWA says it is "an eating club with a hiking problem", and it is True. There were a lot of stops pulled out at the potluck. I have to up my game. A coolish 6er of High Life and some sesame sticks is not cutting it. Some good folks out there in the woods. If you have a notion to do some trail work (you should do it) and if you need some direction, they are worth checking.

And speaking of cutting it, I will spare you the "I'm a lumberjack..." but not the "Bicycle Repairman."

And, plus, the Full Pink Moon is Friday next. How's about a little (gentle, easy, slow) Full Moon Ride? We can save the Coes and the Esalens for when I'm peaking.


Silk Hope said...

How's that really fat tire "thang" goin. And I hope you're feelin much better.

reverend dick said...

I am, thanks. I enjoy the fat bike.

I'd hoped it would be a straight up replacement for the full squish, but that did not turn out to be the case. It's too undamped. But it is looking to turn out the premier bike camping bike for destinations that would not be fun on a skinnier tyre- which, around here are some neat spots. The fat bike will make reaching those spots fun and worth it.

I plan on testing this extensively.