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10 April 2012

looking for that Good Stuff



Sometimes rides happen in spots that are not to be documented for one reason or another. We chased the moon various ways this past week surrounding the Full Pink Moon, and each of them had that in common. For my part, a couple rides were aboard the Fargo and a couple others on the NeckRomancer. Several small things stand out.

If you are stepping over a barbed wire fence be aware of the possible failure of one or more strands, esp. viz. the possibility of stabbing yourself in the ass/leg. Razor wire is best handled by stepping on the joins and pinning the spool to the ground rather than attempting to clamber through it. When you have decided upon a black-ops type of scenario, commit to it.

Is it an everywhere thing that folks make plans to ride but then use their cell phone to reschedule up to (and past) the moment of departure, or is this just one more example of California? I'm over this. Plans are plans. I get being late- periodically- but.

I'm increasingly pleased with the fat bike. It has it's limitations (a wallowing pig on pave, that's for sure), but everything is a compromise and this is weighted to the off-offroad side of the bikecamping. I been loving the float in the sandy sections, and I been loving the levitation through the rubbly areas, and I been not minding the heaviness on the ups.

The whole of the central coast is scheduled for rain and rain and rain, which cancels Spring Break 2012. Super drag. That was to be the camping shakedown cruise for the NeckRomancer and an opportunity to try out this ENO hammock I'm trying to demo. If it were to actually be comfortable enough to sleep all night in it, a hammock would simplify (and lighten) my load.

Anyhow, when the opportunity presents itself to be seized, a camping trip up the beach to Moss Landing sounds like an interesting hammockless trip.

If I start talking about setting up a slack line, somebody slap me upside the head with their Crocs.


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blackcatbicycles said...

i tried one of those fancy hammocks once, i woke up the next morning with my back and neck in a knot. hammocks are great for napping, not so good for 8 hours.
maybe if you only ever sleep on your back, but i gots to move around a bit.

reverend dick said...

The ENO is inexpensive, and I can return it if I'm not 100% satisfied. I am infrequently 100% satisfied, but I figure 89% is good enough. We'll see.

I hear you on the back sleeping.I figure it's worth experimenting.

The Hennessy looks serious, but it's too much outlay.